Purpose and object 4


-Discrimination on the program agenda for the 2nd year of the project

-to analyze project tracking and visibility

-organizing activities that promote the national cultural heritage and the values of the EU

-Different studies and teachers’ knowledge on the diversity of the EU

-the encouragement of intercultural dialogue between EU countries

-The development of the cultural knowledge of the participants

-Monitor activities in Active Citizens’ Clubs

-Create the Erasmus garden-organize the comic exposure

-present videos “Cultural values in my country”.

the participants will improve their social and intercultural skills, interest in self-development and awareness, enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence, develop their communication and linguistic skills, expand their cultural horizons, and promote the appreciation of European and national values and the sense of integration. At a professional level, participants will increase their knowledge of other European education systems, tools and methods.

Participants will develop their skills to feel comfortable in international environments, to increase cultural sensitivity and the desire to contribute to the promotion of a united Europe.

All the participants will have knowledge of the Turkish style of teaching, culture and lifestyle, how to organize activities for students and teachers, create videos and how to organize an Erasmus Garden.