Project presentation


“Learn 4 life: Active and Responsible Citizenship” 


This school strategic partnership project brings together 5 schools from Greece, Italy, Romania, Poland and Turkey. The project is intended to meet the objectives of the European Commission promoting EU values at international level and the EU 2020 objectives as set out in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union and enhancing, social cohesion, equity and active citizenship, as well as promoting creativity and innovation. With our project, we want to show our students that active citizenship is the glue that restrains society. 

The objectives of our project are:
  • Awareness raising on the active participation of 250 students from 5 EU schools during a two-year program.
  • Development of skills, attitudes and skills of 250 students to be more active citizens in their communities.
  • Enhance active citizenship as a way of life among students of 5 EU schools from mentioned 5 EU countries.
  • Creating an online school tool that includes examples of good practice to promote active citizenship 
The specific results we want to achieve in our partnership are:
  • Erasmus+ panels
  • Questionnaries
  • Project logo
  • 5 presentations “This is my school, my city, my country”
  • Erasmus+ garden
  • 5 Video about Cultural values in my country
  • Souvenirs and handicrafts
  • 1 electronic magazine
  • comic exposure
  • 5 seminars (with a special visitor, an external speaker representing NGOs, talking about the values of citizens and promoting the importance of volunteers)
  • 5 Multimedia Presentations about What Active Citizenship
  • 5 Multimedia Presentations about Active Citizens and the environment
  • Usual t-shirts of the project
  • Online e-toolkit for active citizenship with examples of good practices (20 lessons plan) 
  • Photo album
  • Project site
  • Products brochures, notebooks, brochures
  • Project DVDs

To ensure project’s success, we will use SEL to promote emotional intelligence and character development.