Purpose and object

The objectives of the meeting are:

  • knowledge of school partners
  • report the project implementation plan
  • distribution of tasks and responsibilities
  • declaration of a set of common rules
  • conclude a partnership agreement with the partnership
  • analysis of the results of the first questionnaire
  • represent partner countries’ education systems
  • presentations “This is my school, my city, my country”
  • select the project logo
  • collecting materials for the common website
  • there are classes and artistic moments
  • the encouragement of intercultural dialogue between EU countries
  • different studies and teachers’ knowledge on the diversity of the EU.

The results were the creation of the products of the meeting, the achievement of the project objectives established for the meeting, the formation of social values and changes. In addition to improve participants’ knowledge of the host country, culture, traditions,customs and language, promote international communication.  The invited teachers attended classes in order to get an idea of the national style of teaching, the tools and methods used in teaching, and organize activities in common to invited teachers and students, and promote national cultural heritage and values of the EU.

Practical knowledge of Participants were gained of how the projects’ activity was integrated into the training, having been finalized from the four lesson plans, which is using an interdisciplinary educational approach related to the stimulation of an active citizenship spirit among students. The

goals of the meeting was contributed by the Participants to the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, an evaluation session was held to exchange views and proposals for the meeting.